Project for the Web Power BI Template, exclude template projects from reporting

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This must have been asked and answered but I just can't find it...

The great "Project for the Web Power BI Template" includes by default all the project form the portfolio. We have some labeled "Master: xxx" and flagged as favorites so the PMs can use them as templates, and do not have to start from scratch.

Is there a ways to simply exclude these from the reporting in the "Project for the Web Power BI Template" ?

thanx all


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Hello @Pet3Art ,

Yes you can do. Open the report in Power BI desktop and click Transform data. Expand the queries on the left hand side, in the Project for the web > Staging Queries folder click "Projects Staging". Scroll along the table until you see the column "msdyn_subject" and click the arrow on the column heading then click Text Filters. Select "Does not begin with" and enter "Master:" and click OK. You should now see the Master projects removed from the data set. Click Close & Apply.

Hope that helps


Thanks! @Paul Mather 

I tried this today and it worked for portfolio dashboard but the rest of the template tabs have the data from the excluded projects. Any ideas why this is happening?