Project for the web needs Export Grid to PDF option with wrap text

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We would like to migrate from Project Online to Project for the web, but are currently facing a challenge. Our team needs the ability to print tasks or export them to PDF with wrap text. We appreciate the ability to export the timeline to PDF and print the project, but we are looking for a more user-friendly option to select only the tasks and wrap text so all information is visible. Currently, the task information is cut off. Would it be possible to add the Export Grid to PDF with the option of wrap text in the rows? 

Also, when we export to a PDF or print, can you keep the summary task minimized if we have it that way? This would make our process easier and more organized. I appreciate your help with this.


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The exporting options are poor. I think your best option is to use power query and setup a template from there.
Thank you for your suggestion, it didn't solve my problem, but I found a good solution to gather all my data for analysis, I've been using MS Projects for 2 years and I'm learning new things every day.