Project for the web: Incomplete notes after MPP import

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Hello, when we import an exported project (MPP file) with notes on each task into Project for the web, the notes are incomplete.


Note in Project Desktop:

  1. Test Note 1
  2. Test Note 2

After importing into Project for the web:

  1. Test Note 1...

Since we use notes in a relatively large number of projects, this is very annoying. Are you aware of this problem or do you have any suggestions for a solution?

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I don't use Project for the web but I'm guessing you are running into the same issue as with export of the Notes field from the desktop version of Project. Is the example note you show in the desktop version a two line note on a single task? If so then export of that note will truncate at the first line feed or 255 characters, whichever occurs first. This limitation has existed in Project from day 1 and is still a limitation. For the desktop version, this limitation can be overcome with VBA but I don't believe Project for the web supports VBA.
We never really used Project Desktop. We currently only use an MPP as a base to create new projects in Project for the web via Logic App. Here we noticed during the import that the notes are cut off at the first line feed as you say.

If this limitation existed since day one, a fix is unlikely I think, unfortunately.
Thanks for the feedback.