Project for the Web in Teams

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Hi everyone,


We are currently using Project for the Web in Teams and usually we attach some files on tasks. Our problem is that we were told that our file storage capacity within the Microsoft Dataverse is 12.95GB out of 26GB.


My questions are:

1. Does the 26GB file storage capacity for one project created in Project for the Web, or for all the projects?

2. What files does the file storage capacity constitute?

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Hello @darylb1255 ,

Task attachments (files) when uploaded are stored in the M365 Group storage, not directly in Data verse. You can only upload an attachment when the Project is linked to a group. 

Regarding the storage capacity in Data verse, I'm not sure on the limit but if you are seeing 26GB this wont be for 1 project, that will be for all projects. The links below might help: