Project for the Web - How do I allow team members to co-author?

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Scenario - I'm using Project for the Web to create and manage project schedules, and I'd like my team to be able to jump in and edit fields like % Effort Completed, check off when tasks are complete, add notes when needed, etc.  It seems that no matter what I do, my team can only access the Projects in "Read-only" mode.


Some additional info - I have a P3 plan that I'm using to create and edit the Projects, and my team all have P1 plans (AKA Project Online Essentials). 


Things I've tried:

  • My team is all added to the project, in the Group that's associated with the Project.
  • Team members are specifically assigned to various tasks in the Project. 
  • I've upgraded them in the associated SharePoint group, from "Member" to "Owner". (This group only exists to track these Project pages, so there's no risk of them "messing anything up" as Owners in the group.)

At this point, I have to believe that it's an issue with permissioning at the tenant-management level, and I'll have to get in touch with my org's MS Enterprise Admin, but I'm not even sure what I'd ask them for at this point.  Still holding out hope that it's something I can adjust on my own, since my admin is very overworked at the moment, and I hate to add any more to their plate. 


I've searched high and low and haven't found any answers, so hopefully I can get a clue here... Thanks!

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