Project for the Web Dependencies Broken

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I'm unable to to make dependencies between my project tasks. Under no circumstance am I able to connect any decencies between tasks. Is this a bug that is currently being worked on? 

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Johnsonke01 --

Select a block of tasks that you want to link, right-click anywhere in the selected block, and then select the Add Dependency item on the shortcut menu. Does that work for you? I just tested and it does work for me. Let us know and we will try to help you.
Thanks Dale that did work! Something is out of wack tho as i can't make dependencies in the Timeline view, connecting the dots. It shows a connection but then when reloaded it is lost. This should work tho, thank you!

@johnsonke01 I am having issues too. If I add a dependency from the first pop up it adds FS to the task number, but doesn’t add the actual link. Every time I click it adds another FS to the task. 
I tried adding via the task details and have the same issue. 
Same issue if I try a different dependency type. 
started happening this week!

I'm having the same issue, across my program of projects! I hope this is resolved soon. I'm trying to position the use of this tool in my organisation, and this isn't helping!