Project for the web - dataverse change status options of a roadmap/overview?

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I work with project for the web and use the overview/roadmap to pull in several projects and get a good timeline for them all.


but i want to update the status-options that are available in the overview.

i have looked in dataverse and found health status as an option under the table roadmap. i have added options there but nothing happens.


how to update the options when clicking on a task in the timeline in the overview where you have several projects?



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Hello @oskarkuus ,

Please confirm what you are trying to do, are you trying to add additional options in the Status list here:



If so, I'm not sure that would be supported. If you are trying to do something else, please confirm. If you are trying to programmatically set the Status value for a roadmap item - that is possible. See a blog post I wrote a few years ago for Project Online data: 

You would just need to change the first few actions to remove the Project Online part.


Yes that is what i want to do. Update those status-options. I have found the status options in the dataverse table. but when i change them or add more, nothing happens. so it must be something else im thinking...

Hello @oskarkuus ,

I would say that is not a supported change as the Roadmap UI and code will not know anything about those new Status options you are trying to use. 


To bad.
I am really struggling to mark projects with a status.

In the project itself there is no status.
In the roadmap there is none.

How to know what projects are avtive, waiting, paused or finished.

Hello @oskarkuus ,

You could update the Row title - see the example where I added "- ACTIVE" to the name:



Maybe this might help to show which projects are active etc.?


well i guess that is a solution.
but it depends heavly on doing it correctly since my goal is to be able to use tools like powerapps, power automate and power bi... if each project get a status in text in the title... then i cant be sure all project managers have spelled the status correctly etc.

roadmap is one thing. if no status is possible to set there.. fine.
but i cant even demand that my project leaders close a project. it all seems to be controlled by date and that is quite allot of micromanagment fora project manager if a project need be set on hold for a while...