Project for the Web and Resource Scheduling

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I am looking into moving from Project Online to Project for the Web. Critical items for us are resource scheduling and project baselines. I have a solution for baselines, but I am struggling with using Bookings to get resources in place. It appears I might not be properly licensed (at least that is what the Ops team thinks), but the documentation I have read keeps telling me that a Project P5 license should grant me the ability to request and assign resources. When I try to save a resource request I get an insufficient permissions error:

You do not have prvCreatemsdyn_resourcerequirementdetail permission to access msdyn_resourcerequirementdetail records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator for help.

Anyone have any details on what is needed or what I might need to get setup?

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@BamDastard did this ever get resolved I'm having this issue now.

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BamDastard --

You might want to take a look at the following link:

Pay special attention to the Configuring Roles and Security section. Also, you will definitely want to take a look at the following as well:

From the description of your problems, it sounds like your Project for the Web backend environment is not configured correctly for you. Hope this helps.
Let me know if Dale's answer didn't resolve this for you. Out of the box users would not have the right level of access without making the additional security assignments in the 2nd article.