Project for the Web - Allow Team members to edit/view only his task

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Project for the web - I created a project and create a security group for projects. added the team members.


Assign the task to teams. Now only task owner should able to edit the percentage complete for the task. 


Kindly Suggest 

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Hello @sonika755 ,

Unfortunately this isn't possible, once the user has edit access to the project via the M365 Group - they can edit all tasks as you have seen. 


Thanks Paul for your reply. How the project manager will control the project plan. Example team member can delete the project task and other owner can update the task for another users. can you please suggest.

Hello @sonika755 ,

Unfortunately there is nothing out of the box. You could customise it though with custom code. Here is an example of preventing users deleting the project: 


Hi Paul, I am having issues with giving access to people on the Teams that are assigned to the Project for the Web. They can only edit the % Complete and check or uncheck that they are complete. How can the assigned member change dates on their tasks?
mylogi88 --

Pardon me for bumping into this thread. Because of time zone differences, Paul's work day may have already ended.

To answer your question, team members are only allowed to edit the % Complete value and to mark their tasks as completed. This is by design. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard I created a project tab in a test team, added a couple of test tasks, and assigned them to two different team members.  The team members are able to see the tabs and the tasks, but they cannot even click on the task as "done" or change the % completed.  Everything is Read Only. What determines if a member has permission to check the task off as completed?

Sasan --

If the team members have a Project Plan 1 license, they will be able to edit the % Complete value and mark their tasks as completed. Without the Project Plan 1 license, all they can do is to view the project Read-Only. Hope this helps.

Hello @Sasan Baharaeen ,

For a user to be able to modify a project in Project for the web, the users will need one of the Project Plan licenses or Office 365 users with one of the defined licenses that allow limited edit access, details on the link below:

You'll notice users with just E1, F1 etc. will get view only access.

Hope that helps


@Paul Mather Yes.  I figured out that users with Office 365 E1 license have view only access while users with Office 365 E3 license can edit project completion status and percent completed.


Thank you very much Paul.

@Paul Mather I have the Office 365 E3 and Project Plan 3. I created a task in Project for the Web and assigned it to myself and I did not see that this task shows up in "Assigned to me" in Planner. What else should I or the IT admin do to make this work. I am doing this test before I assign tasks to my team members and I was expecting this should work for myself as an assignee.