Project desktop side, when using file-sharing, the prompt is as follows

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Yolanda310 --

This is an English-language user forum, so would you please translate the message in the dialog into English? That will help us to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

Also, what do you mean by "file sharing?" Are you using Microsoft Project with Project Online or Project Server? Let us know. Thanks!

@Dale Howard I‘m sorry, I didn't log in to the forum to check your reply, the error screenshot in English is as follows:


I just want to share it to the sharepoint or mail, I don't know if this belongs to using project and project online, and project desktop isn't project online?

Sorry, my english is bad, and translation software is not accurate.

Thanks for your reply!

Yolanda --

To use the Sync with SharePoint feature to share a project, you need to have a SharePoint site already created, or you will need to create a new SharePoint site in the process. Refer to the following:

Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard

 Actually, I don't have this page,


when I click to sync-with-a-sharepoint, there is no response on the page, when I click twice, it will report this error:


Can you use this function normally?


Yolanda --

In that SharePoint dialog, you need to enter the URL of the SharePoint site you want to use. Is your organization actually using SharePoint? If not, all bets are off. And if yes, you should talk with your SharePoint administrator about this problem. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard My problem now is that there is no page for me to enter the SharePoint url.


Yolanda --

This is a user forum that is staffed totally by volunteers, so I doubt I can help you much more with this problem. Something is preventing Microsoft Project from opening the Sync with SharePoint Tasks list page in the Backstage of Microsoft Project (maybe a popup blocker?). If this is a major issue for you, I would recommend you open a ticket with Microsoft Support so that they can troubleshoot and resolve the problem for you. Sorry. I wish I could be of more help to you.

@Dale Howard Thank you very much for your help.Best wishs for you!