Project Desktop - Actual vs Remaining Costs

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Good day,


I have an issue with either my installation or my brain. I always used project this way and never had an issue before.


I have costs resources with a estimated cost allocated to a task. The task is baselined with the estimated cost. When I type in the actual cost (which is lower than the estimated amount) for the activity, the Remaining Cost drops to 0 and the estimated Cost "Cost" is changed to the actual cost I just entered.


The "Actual costs are always calculated by Project" setting is deselected. Doesn't matter if I change the setting or Task Type, the problem remains.


What am I doing wrong?



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Which desktop version of Project are you using? For reference, the latest version is:
Version 2402 (build 17531.20120 CTR),

What exactly do you mean by "costs resources"? Are you using cost type resources (i.e not work or material type) or do you simply mean cost driven by a resource's standard rate?

When you enter the actual cost are you also declaring the task 100% complete? My guess is "yes". In that case the Cost field will be adjusted to agree with reality (i.e. actual cost) and the remaining cost will be zero because the task is complete. The Baseline Cost field will still reflect the original cost.




I am using 2403 (Build 17425.20176 CTR) Edit: just did an update to 2404 (Build 17531.20128 CTR), Problem still persists 


Yes sorry, I mean Cost Type resource as this is a flat fee quoted and charged


No the task is not 100% complete, the contractor is claiming a portion in advanced (Yeah, I know). So if the original cost and baseline cost is $1000 and the claim is $300 with the task at let's call it 40% then surely the remaining cost should be $700?

I think I found the issue. The "accrue" for that resource is set to "End" as that is where the invoice should happen. When I change it to "prorated" the calculation works, but then screws my financial forecast. Please tell me there is a way around this, other than creating milestones linked to the task?
Sorry but "screws my financial forecast" doesn't tell us anything useful. And what do you mean by, "is there a way around this"? What exactly are you looking for?

If it is a cost resource and it is supposed to accrue at the end (i.e. final invoice with no progress payments) then yeah, entering an actual cost will "reset" the cost parameters. I guess a way around this faux pas would be to break the item into two parts, one for the first "invoice" payment and the other for when the task is complete.