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Hi there, 


I have a P3 license and am wanting to export the Project Center view and export to excel and potentially perform manual calculations to generate a KPI report for all the live projects. 


I am wondering if there are any fields available that I could pull through on one of the Project Center views that would display if milestones within a project have been met on a monthly basis. Do I have to create a custom field to pull through milestone data, if so, how would I do so?


It doesn't have to be milestones either, it could be the difference between baseline estimation of where the project should be up to, vs where it currently is as per the schedule - but it does need to be in a format that can show updates on a monthly basis, rather than at the end of the project as a comparison of actual duration vs baseline duration. 


Thank you in advance !



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Hello @BlissL ,

This is probably better suited to creating a report but it does depend on the exact details. If on-premises you can get the data straight from the reporting schema in the database or if Project Online, use the Odata reporting API. If you just want to check a project level baseline, that is easy enough in a Project Center view - you can see an example from the default "Tracking" view. You could also create task level calculated fields that roll up etc. if you wanted custom calculations but some times that logic is better suited in a custom report.