Project Center Default View Deleted so now Project Center doesn't load for users

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Project Center Default view was deleted by mistake, so now Project Center doesn't load for users. However as Site Collection Admin I am the only one who can see all the new views created, and don't get the "Loading" message in the view iFrame. Also the users have the "project" banner "greyed out". I have everything working well ...

I can't find any solution to this on the forums.

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Hello @Rosalia Dias ,

Are you using Project Server on-premises or Project Online in Office 365? If you are using Project Server on-premises, which version is this 2013, 2016 or 2019? In Project Server 2013 this used to work so might be worth a try:


@Paul Mather I am using Project Online ... O365

@Rosalia Dias OK - did the suggestion at the end of the blog post work for you? If not, you might need to open a support ticket via your Office 365 tenant so that Microsoft can fix this for you.


@Paul Mather Hi thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it! Unfortunately we can't use the suggestion in your blog because the "Project" banner is greyed out for the users so they can't change view. I have opened a support ticket, and will post solution they provide (hopefully!) here so can be shared to community. 




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@Paul Mather the problem was in fact that a default view was deleted, as no easy and quick way around this I rebuilt the site from scratch and WILL NEVER DELETE ANY DEFAULT views, fields etc. from our PWA environments ever again!