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Howdy Y'all,


I am generally highly adaptable and can make the most out of almost any situation.  I am a long time Primavera user and I am trying extremely hard not to lose my "stuff" while making the switch to Project/PWA/Project Desktop (*rant for another post).   I have been a Project Scheduler for about 15 years now working on medium/large capital (construction) projects in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Manufacturing, and Steel industries.  They all manage projects more or less the same way.  I have used Project over the years off and on for small 1-off projects and struggled through it.  Now that I have been using Project for almost 2 years I still get aggravated, agitated, and angry because of the bugs and problems with the software.  I am sure about now you are thinking "this guy needs some training on the software".  I decided to go to Microsoft directly to get answers, but they don't have classical support for Project apparently and this is the closest thing I have found to "Support" so here I am y'all.


The issue that originally brought me here I managed to solve on my own while typing this rant.  My Summary Tasks wouldn't (?)summarize the dates of the tasks below them when added.  Yes they were auto-scheduled.  See picture below.  The resolution... not just saving it, but closing it to was required (and reopening obviously) to make Summary Tasks... summarize tasks.  See <subject>.




I am pray that this community can help me keep my sanity in the coming days.  I really don't want to be defeated by this program. 


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Chuck --

Hmmm. It looks like you might have Auto Calculation disabled. Click File > Options > Schedule. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the On option in the Calculation section of the dialog, and then click the OK button. Please let us know if this helps.
I know where you are coming from. We also made the move from Primavera to MSP Online and it can be "challenging" at times adapting to all the new "features". However, you have found the right place as this forum is active with a lot of very experience MSP users that are willing to help.

Thanks for the input, I checked during my initial troubleshooting. I figured it was possible one of the other folks on my team decided to fiddle with the settings even though it was unlikely, as I had it checked out most of the day.