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Can anyone help me figure out why (only sometimes) the rows on my table gently fade away into nothing?  The photo below shows it happening in one band sometimes it happens in two or three bands.  Initially I thought it was a [Gridlines]/[interval] issue, but I changed settings to black and set interval to zero but no luck.




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Sure, here's an example of how you can structure a table for tracking bugs, problems, and issues in a project. This table includes columns for the ID, Description, Status, Priority, Assigned To, and Date Reported.

ID Description Status Priority Assigned To Date Reported

001Login button not workingOpenHighJohn2023-07-15
002Incorrect data displayed on dashboardIn ProgressMediumSarah2023-07-20
003App crashes when uploading large filesOpenHighDavid2023-07-22
004Missing translations in the settings menuClosedLow-2023-07-25
005Unable to save preferences in user profileOpenMediumMichael2023-07-26
006Performance slowdown during peak hoursOpenHigh-2023-07-27
007Email notifications not being sentIn ProgressHighEmily2023-07-28
008UI layout issues on mobile devicesOpenLowAlex2023-07-28
009Compatibility problem with Internet ExplorerClosedMedium-2023-07-28
010Data loss when submitting large formsOpenHighJessica2023-07-28

In this table, each row represents a specific bug, problem, or issue in the project. The "ID" column provides a unique identifier for each item, which can be useful for easy reference. The "Description" column briefly explains the nature of the bug or issue. The "Status" column tracks the current state of the item (e.g., Open, In Progress, Closed). The "Priority" column indicates the urgency or importance of addressing the item (e.g., High, Medium, Low). The "Assigned To" column specifies the team member responsible for resolving the issue. The "Date Reported" column shows when the issue was initially reported.

This table helps project teams stay organized and track the progress of resolving bugs and issues efficiently.

Chuck --

I'm not sure we can troubleshoot this issue in this user forum, but I do strongly suspect what you are seeing is some type of screen resolution issue. I personally have never experienced the problem you have encountered. Hope this helps, if only a little.


Like Dale, I've never seen this type of problem but then I never mess with Gridlines either.


However, I notice something interesting on your screen shot of the Gridline settings. Even though the interval is set to "none", there is still a line type shown. It should look like this (i.e. no line type where shown)


I suggest you try this.

1. Select an interval other than "none".

2. Set the line type to be blank

3. Set the interval back to "none"

4. Hit "OK"

Does that clear the problem? It doesn't explain how or why but maybe it gives you an out.