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Why is it that selecting (X) number of (sequential) tasks and within the same (summary level) group and pressing the [insert summary task] button produces different results? 


In some cases, the expected behavior occurs, where the selected tasks are placed under a new summary task labeled "<new summary task>" with the cell/field already selected and ready to be overtyped.


However, there is a recurring issue where the first task in the series becomes the summary task instead of creating a new one. This flaw in the project system is quite simple, but it can be costly, especially for  individuals like myself, who expect the software to work and produce repetitive results every time.


When I press the button and start typing the information for the <new summary task> I expect to be entering new data, not overwriting data.  After reviewing the past few years of my work I have uncovered DOZENS of instances where the second result has happened. 


The screenshots below show both results.


Expected Result


the selected tasks


Pressed <insert summary task>




The snapshots below illustrate a potentially costly situation that could have led to severe consequences.  Therefore, it is crucial to address and fix this bug promptly.


The selected tasks...


Pressed <insert summary task>




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