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Can anyone help me figure out what would cause this?


Bar Configuration before turning OFF round to whole daysChuck_Pollard_0-1695149444150.png


and after turning off round to whole days




I changed nothing other than unchecking the radio box for rounding in the layout menu.


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Get out your can of Raid, you found a bug!

I did a little testing but didn't find a plausible explanation. I believe the issue is related to the Milestone designation. In Project milestones are zero duration and as such can create unusual results in non-standard scenarios such as what you are presenting. You can report it via the Project feedback channel and see what happens.

Awesome, at least I know I'm not crazy now! I spent an hour or two trying to figure out what I may have been doing wrong to cause it, before I decided to put the question out to the community at large. I just left it alone and reported it as it was shown.
Wait a minute, let's not make any gross assumptions. You are definitely crazy. It's a requirement for using Project. . . . :)

Personally I've had very little use for the Gantt display option of rounding to whole days. In my mind it's just not a option that is relevant in the larger scheme of a working plan.




Maybe use "Baseline Estimated Finish" instead of "Baseline Finish". It worked for me.


After Rounding of Bars to Whole Days 

Rounded to Whole Days - After.png


Before Rounding of Bars to Whole Days

Rounded to Whole Days - Before.png