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I just found out by looking like a jackass in the middle of a meeting with lots of important people... 


If you press the button for "move forward 1 day" on a milestone the DEADLINE moves along with the finish date.


If you press the button for "move back 1 day" on a milestone, the milestone will move back to the logical finish and then the DEADLINE moves...


The deadline should never move right...  I mean I use those buttons while updating because with MS Project tasks can have a start and finish date prior to the status date which is absolutely ridiculous.... ONLY an actual start or finish date should ever EVER be on the other side.

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best response confirmed by Dale Howard (MVP)


I guess shame on you for not understanding what happens before you're standing in front of the corporate board.


The intent of the Move Tasks feature is to modify the plan as opposed to updating progress. If you instead use the Mark on Track > Update tasks feature, the deadline will stay where it is.


My two cents.


True story, you would think after 2 years with the software I would have it figured out. I had P6 down to an art in under a week.

When in an update meeting, if someone says that a task will not be completed for a day or two, rather than adjusting logic during the meeting I usually just kick it forward with the button (to modify the plan) and adjust logic after the meeting. In the meeting today, I happened to do it to the one activity with deadline. Without realizing it, it moved the deadline along with the finish. a few minutes later we were looking at float and everything was jacked and the group insisted we figure out what changed, which took about 25m.

Well if it makes you feel any better, I'm still trying to get a handle on Project after using it for 20+ years.