Project 2019 not linking External Predecessors correctly for some tasks but correctly for other task

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I'm experiencing errors linking to some external tasks but not to all tasks. Attachment has detailed screenshots of error


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!



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Linking structures in Project (master/subprojects, resources pool/sharer files, external dependencies) are all very fragile and do not work in some instances. I don't know how MS Teams is structured but if it is similar to SharePoint or OneDrive, then your cross-project linking is either going to be sporadic or not work at all. You might want to read this similar post on the Project section of the Answers forum:


I suggest you move the files to your local drive, link up as desired and then save and upload the resultant file back to the Teams folder, or copy the Timeline to another app for upload.


Hi- many thanks for your reply. I will start the migration process from SharePoint to shared network!

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.
Just for reference, hosting a linked [Project] structure on anything other than your local drive is rolling the dice for corruption. Links in Project are fragile and can become easily corrupted.