Project 2016 freeze after using it for 15 minutes

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Hi and thanks in advance

My project 2016 freeze after 15 minutes of using it. It freezes for 15 -20 minutes then OK. It's on win 11 64 bit. Same issue was on win 10 64 bits. My laptop is I7 2.8Ghz, 16GB RAM

MS support advised me to uninstall > reinstall, didn't work – Same freez

Then disabled the graphic hardware acceleration > didn't work – Same freez

Then partial repair for Project form Registry > didn't work – Same freez

I will appreciate any help!



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Tell us a little bit about your Project file.
1. How large is it?
2. How many tasks, resources, calendars, etc.?
3. Is it being operated over a network?
4. Is it a stand alone project or part of a linked structure (i.e. master/subproject or resource pool/sharer?
5. Does it have inserted graphics or hyperlinks?
6. What do you typically do in the file (e.g. what kind of editing)?

7. What other software is active when you use Project?



Hi John!

Sorry for a little late response

1. it happens in all my files - about 10 different files, not big ones. From 500 kb to 3-5 mb

2. Not big - few hundreds tasks - from 200 to 1,000, 10-20 resources, 1-2 custom calendars, using only project calendar (not resource / task calendars)

3. I'm using project MS Project standard 2016 standalone - on my private laptop.

4. Standalone files. No resource pool, no external links, no inserted projects.

5. No inserted graphics or hyperlinks

6. I'm using basic scheduling, planning. Editing fields such as actuals, duration, predecessors ... editing task name, adding tasks. Just "normal - day to day" editing. Nothing special.

7. When using project sometimes Word / google are active. sometimes with ZOOM, sometimes with google meet.  


I used it for few years (since 2016) it was perfect. On January 2022 I upgraded my laptop and it was perfect also. Same files, same work. It started in August /September, I upgraded to win 11 on October and still the same freezing problem.


Sounds like pretty normal Project files and file activities. I've never experienced a recurring freeze issue with any version of Project. I'm currently running Project 2019 Pro on Windows 10, all fully updated.


The only thing that sounds suspicious in your setup is concurrent running with ZOOM and Google meet. Concurrent running with other Office apps shouldn't be a problem. I'd try running without ZOOM and Google meet for a period of time and see if that helps.



I'm working with zoom for a long time and there was never any problem ...
I understand, but something is different so the way to test is to eliminate the variables and turning off ancillary applications is part of that process.
I will try eliminating zoom / google meet, maybe without video to see if it changes.
Thanks a lot


You're welcome and thanks for the update. Please let us know what happens.