Problems Editting Enterprise Calendars

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We are trying to edit existing enterprise calendars and receive the attached message. Yes Project Professional 2013 is open and connected to the same environment as PWA. Using Internet Explorer as the browser, and I am an administrator.


Any and all help and suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hello @DeanS50 ,

Please can you provide some more details. Has this ever worked for you or just recently stopped? What browser are you using? What build version is Project Professional 2013 and also Project Server 2013?


Hi @Paul Mather,


I've attached a screen shot with the info on Project Professional (being lazy--it wouldn't let me copy and past). Not sure about the Project server version--it managed at a remote facility. I'm using Internet Explorer (our credentials have trouble with Edge and Chrome).


I have edited the calendars in the past, but it's been a very, very long time.


Thanks in advance for any insight or advice.

Hello @DeanS50 ,

Are you about to open projects from the Project Center in Project Professional - does this launch Project Professional and open the project as expected? Are you able to open Resources from the resource center in Project Professional?