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Good morning,

I'm starting with programming in project and I have a small problem that I don't understand why project does it that way.

I have a task lasting 24 hours, conditioned by effort, with a 24-hour work task calendar, to which I assign a resource, with a calendar from 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, in that case, the task lasts 4 days, which is perfect.

But if I add another resource with an afternoon schedule from 2 to 10 p.m., he asks me whether to reduce the duration while maintaining the job, I say yes, but I don't see that the duration will be reduced to 2 days. and in the resource usage sheet, I see that even though one of the resources has free time in the afternoon, he is told to work only 5 hours and the rest of the work is done the next morning.

Why can this happen? Do I have to change any options in the project?

If someone can help me I appreciate it

Thank you so much



Buenos días, 


Estoy empezando con la programación en project y me surge un pequeño problema que no entiendo por que lo hace así el project.

Tengo una tarea de duración 24 horas, condicionada por el esfuerzo, con un calendario de tarea de trabajo 24 horas, al que asigno un recurso, con calendario de 6 de la mañana a 2 de la tarde, en ese caso, la tarea dura 4 días, lo cual es perfecto.

Pero si le añado otro recurso con calendario de tarde de 14 a 22 horas, me pregunta si reducir duración manteniendo el trabajo, le digo que si, pero no veo que la duración me la reduzca a 2 días. y en la hoja de uso de recursos, veo que aun teniendo tiempo libre por la tarde uno de los recursos, le manda trabajar solo 5 horas y el resto de trabajo lo pasa a la mañana siguiente. 

Por que puede ocurrir eso?, tengo que cambiar alguna opción en el proyecto?

Si me pueden ayudar se lo agradezco


Muchas gracias 



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The exact configuration of your setup is a little confusing. Please answer these questions so we will be better able to help you.
1. What is the Project Calendar?
2. What is the Task Calendar?
3. What is the Task Type?
4. Does scheduling ignore the resource calendar?
5. What is the task Duration?
6. What is the task Work?
7. What is the Project Start Date and time?
8. What is the task Start Date and time?

Creo que el problema puede ser la hora en que comienza la tarea (el primer día). Si la tarea comienza a las 11am (por ejemplo), el recurso de la mañana trabajará de 11am a 2pm, es decir, 3 horas el primer día y, para completar, 1 hora el tercer día. Ahora bien, el horario en el que inicia la tarea podría estar determinado por varios factores, el más probable: una tarea predecesora. Finalmente, debes poner también atención al Tipo de Tarea (Task Type), que no precisas en la formulación del problema. Creo que lo que quieres se puede obtener con una tarea de Trabajo Fijo.


First of all thank you for your help


The project calendar is 



The task calendar is 24 hours




Task type
         Fixed units and conditioned by effort

Scheduling doesnt ignore the resource calendar
The task duration initially, before asign resources is 24 hours, and the work duration 24 hour as well. If I asign the first resource, with morning calendar (6:00 am to 14)  these times stay the same. When I asign the second resource, with the same calendar, the duration reduce to 16 hour and the work remains at the same value 24 hours. When I asign the third resouce,  with afternoon calendar (14 to 22) the duration increases to 16 hours and the work remains al the same value 24 hours. And with the fourth resource with afternoon calendar, the duration reduces to 14.4 hours and the work remain at 24 hours. But there are hours free of work in afternoon resource and asign hours in the morning resource the day after. I dont understand this situation
Task without resources



Task with one morning resource


Task with two morning resources


Task with two morning resouces and one afternoon resources


Task with two morning resorces and two afternoon resources


And this is the problem with the scheduling

The afternoon resource has free hours, and the morning resource work the day after



The project stardate is 25/03/2024 9:00 and the end date is calculated





Where is the problem?

Thanks for all



Buenos idas, Gracias por la respuesta.
He contestado al primer mensaje con la informacion de toda la tarea y el proyecto. He cambiado a trabajo fijo pero me hace lo mismo. No se que criterio tiene el project a la hora de repartir el trabajo entre mis recursos, pero no entiendo, por que deja horas libres al recurso de tarde y alarga la duracion de la tarea, asignando parte del trabajo al recurso de manaña. Sabes si hay algun tutorial bueno que explique como hace el reparto de trabajo en funcion de lo que seleccionemos?
Muchas gracias
Good morning,
I think I already know what the project is doing to me, another thing is if I can solve it.
It is causing the four resources involved in the work to work the same hours, penalizing the fact that the work is prolonged over time.
That is to say, the work lasts 24 hours, as it assigns 4 resources, what it does is that they work 6 hours each, instead two work 8 hours and another two work 4 hours.
Now I don't know where I could change that project restriction.
Buenos dias,
Creo que ya se lo que me esta haciendo el project, otra cosa es si puedo resolverlo.
Esta haciendo que los cuatro recursos que intervienen en el trabajo, trabajen las mismas horas en el, penalizando el que el trabajo se prolongue en el tiempo.
Es decir el trabajo dura 24 horas, como le asigno 4 recursos, lo que hace es que trabajen 6 horas cada uno, en vez dos trabajen 8 horas y otros dos 4 horas.
Ahora no se donde podria cambiar esa restriccion de project
The order of resource assignments is a determining factor on how the work is distributed. For example, you will get one distribution if both "early" resources (6>2) are assigned first and then the two "late" resources (2>10) and you will get another distribution if one early resource is assigned, then a late resource, then another early resource, and so forth.

You can experiment with various assignment scenarios and each will be a little different. But, the important thing to note is that Project does NOT optimize resource assignments. Although many users assume (or wish) it did optimize assignments, the only way to obtain the resource loading you want is to first assign the resources and then manually edit the assignments.

Hope this helps.


Hello everyone.


After analyzing the case that EduRuizAcciona ("Resource allocation problem") raised earlier, I would appreciate if someone can confirm the results of the following test:


1. New file.


2. Create a task T with the following characteristics:
- Auto scheduled Task Mode
- 1 day Duration (8h/d)
- Fixed Work Type


3. Assign resource R1 to task T (Work type, by default)
- Task duration T = 1 d
- Resource work R1 = 8 h
- Task work T = 8 h


4. Assign resource R2 to task T (Work type, by default)
- Task duration T = 0.5 d
- Resource work R1 = 4 h
- Resource work R2 = 4 h
- Task work T = 8 h


5. Assign resource R3 to task T (Work type, by default)
- Task duration T = 0.5d
- Resource work R1 = 4 h
- Resource work R2 = 4 h
- Resource work R3 = 4 h
- Task work T = 12 h


If the results of point 5 are confirmed, I believe that there could be an error, both due to the concept of Fixed Work and due to the distribution of effort.

In versions prior to the current one (Project professional 2311), the final results were:

- Task duration T = 0.33 d
- Resource work R1 = 2.67 h
- Resource work R2 = 2.67 h
- Resource work R3 = 2.67 h
- Task work T = 8 h


I hope for some confirmation in some sense


Thanks a lot


Sorry but I don't know what Project Professional 2311 is. Are you referring to the build version? If so, the latest version for Project Pro 2019 is, version 2310 (build 16924.20150 CTR) released Nov 14. Using that version this is what I get (Standard calendar):

First resource assigned -


Second resource assigned -


Third resource assigned -



So, I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for but my results differ from yours.



Hello Jhon. @John-project 


Thank you, as always, for your valuable collaboration.


The version that I am using of Project Professional is the one shown in the following image, and that I update in File > Account > Update Options > Update Now


Versión Project.png


...and the results that Project currently shows me when consecutively assigning resources R1, R2 and R3, to a Work Type task of 1 day Duration, are those shown below, which seems incorrect to me (?) 


Error reparto esfuerzo.png

  I tried with previous versions and I get the desirable result that you included in your previous answer.


Ignacio M.


Yup, that's wrong. I finally found what update channel I think you are on (Microsoft Insider program, release notes current channel preview). There is a newer update dated November 20, version 2311 (build 17029.20038). Maybe that fixed something.


You might try checking that out.





Thanks John for your suggestion, although it was already updated to the latest version.


This compilation must refer to aspects of other Office applications, which do not affect Ms Project.


Thus, I must assume that there is an error in the results that the software gives and that it should be corrected as soon as possible, since it affects programming situations that may be important for users, as is probably the case that was raised in this same thread of discussion @EduRuizAcciona, and which has been the clue that led to identifying the error.


I will communicate this more than likely error to Microsoft through the ordinary channel, although I think there may be a member of this blog (Mr. Dale for example), who is seeing it, and has a greater influence than me to report more quickly, and to whom I will be very grateful.


Ignacio M.


According to the link I provided, these are the apps covered by the update: