Problem with recalculation of resource units

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Using Microsoft® Project® Online Desktop Client MSO (Version 2310 Build 16.0.16924.20054) 64-bit


We have project plans with a schedule, consisting of automatically planned, linked tasks with a duration. Now we created an enterprice resource pool and need to update resources and work, without changing the schedule. To archive this, I found this instruction and change the task type to "fixed duration" before entering the new data.


If I add a value to work and then add one or several resources, I would expect the units of the resource to be calculated to match their workload regarding this tasks work during its duration. But by entering work and one or several resources, neither of those values, nor the schedule is being recalculated.


Example: A task is auto scheduled with fixed duration, starting on 10/09/23, duration of 30d, ending on 11/20/23, has no work and ressources assigned. I add 24h of work and no recalculation is applied, becuase no resource is assigned. I add a resource, whose units are set to 60% (its default). As I see it, at this point the data is not even plausible anymore, because the resource now appears to be fully booked as if they would work 30d * 60% = 143,4h on it, but work is still 24h. I would expect the recalculation of its units to 10%.


If I set the task type to "fixed units", add a resource, change the automaticaly calculated work to 24h and manually switch to "decrease the hours resources work per day (units) but keep the same duration", the units are being recalcualted correctly.


Am I not understanding how this is supposed to work or could this be a bug?


Our enterprice resources are set to 60%. Could this be an issue and if so, does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this?



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One addition: If I try to reproduce the issue in a fresh new project plan, it seems the issue only occurs when changing the task type to "fixed duration" after creating the task as "fixed units". If the task is created with the task type "fixed duration", the recalculation works as expected.

Thank you @RFromm


I did not know that the scheduling mode can be configured on the organization level. But it seems this only regards "Project for the web". I found the similar instruction for Project Online Desktop Client, which I linked in my question.


We use Project Online and its Desktop Client and I can't find this configuration on the organisational level (at the PWA settings), but only in the desktop client: I can change the default task type for the project and the task type of any single task and I can even add the column [task] "type" and see my changes being applied (as described above). But after I make changes to the values (units/duration/work), the recalculation seems not work as described in the table that provides information about the impacts of selecting a specific mode to the currently selected mode/task type, but to the mode/task type in which the task was created.


Since changing the task type / mode and the effects are described in the documentation, but this does not seem to take effect on the recalculation, I would consider this a bug. But maybe I don't understand how it is supposed to work or I am missing some settings (maybe there are also some configurations on the organization level for Project Online as well).


Regardless of this being a bug or a feature, it would be helpful for me to know if it is possible in Project Online Desktop Client to recalculate the resources units when changing the work/effort without changing the duration / schedule of tasks, that were created with the task type / mode "fixed units". My current workaround would be to recreate all our project plans, which would not be desirable due to the amount of work...

One of the most misunderstood fields in MS Project = Task Type.

"Fixed" (EG Fixed Work) is not a one and done setting.

Duration x Units = Work

When you have a resource assigned, units are no longer zero and the automatic calculation takes over. Once you have resources assigned to a task, you must decide which "fixed" setting to use when entering either Duration or Resource units or Work loads. When entering one of those three variables, that "fixed" setting cannot be true (i.e. if you are changing the resources, it is not a fixed unit task). So when you are entering one of those three, make sure the "fixed" setting is for the variable you don't want to change.

When you change a task to fixed units and add a resource, by definition the units were not fixed.

@bo_gu Sorry, but I assumed incorrectly, your question was related to Project for the Web.  However, the functionality is similar in Project Online, with the exception you can change the task type at any on individual tasks at anytime.   Here is a link to how it works in Project Online Change the task type for more accurate scheduling - Microsoft Support