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Hi team

I want a number of people to automatically have access to a project's project site in POL.  I have POL permissions set.  But I don't know how to set up these permissions in the project site template.  It only has SP permissions and this breaks when a new project is created.

Any help gratefully received.

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James --

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the Home page of PWA. Click the Settings menu button (it looks like a gear wheel) and select the PWA Settings item. On the PWA Settings page, click the Additional Server Settings link in the Operational Policies section of the page. Confirm that you have selected the Project Permissions Mode option in the Permission Management section of the page. If it is not selected, select it. Using Project Permissions Mode will give you the granularity you desire for managing permissions in PWA. Do know that if you change this setting, you will need to add each of your users to the proper user Group in PWA.

Assuming that you already had Project Permissions Mode selected, click the Cancel button to exit the page. Launch Microsoft Project and connect to PWA, and then open and check out the project in question. To give those additional users access to this particular project, display the Build Team dialog and simply add them to the project team. You do not need to assign these users to tasks in the project; all you need to do is to add them to the project. And then publish the project. These users will automatically have access to the Project Site for this project.

If you want this group of users to have access to EVERY Project Site, then you should add these users to the Portfolio Viewers security group in PWA. This group, formerly known as the Executives group, automatically has access to every project, every resource, and every Project Site in your Project Online system.

Hope this helps.

Hi @James_Price , 

To add to @Dale Howard's advice, you will also needs to ensure the Enterprise Project Types (EPT) are set to sync the user permissions: 

PWA Settings > Enterprise Project Types > Click an EPT > Scroll to the "Synchronization" section, ensure the "Sync User Permissions" is enabled > Click Save. Repeat for other EPTs. Then publish the projects for the permission sync job to run.


Of course Dale. I was so fixated with the permissions of the project site that I missed the obvious. Thanks for this.
Nice follow up Paul. Thanks