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Dear community,

I am hosting a project plan in which I have a strange behavior when I am using the contraint "as late as possible".

I have e.g. a fridge where someone (Person A) is doing some work on and I am the next person (Person B) in the row to work on that. For my work, I need to prepare some documents which I want to prepare as late as possible, of course.

So the person has a part of the plan with his tasks which are summarized in a task called (ready for (next Step). The beginning of my manual work on the fridge might be called "point X" :)

So wthat I have done is, that I have linked the summarizing task from Person A to Point X with a end-to-start constraint.

Now, the documentation preparation for point X should be as late as possible, so I give all the preparation tasks the constraint type "as late as possible" and all the tasks downstream from Point X "as soon as possible".

what now happens is, that Point X moves forward in time. It is no longer the end date of the Person A, but seems to be about 14 days later. This should not happen as I really want to take Point X as the fixing point for preparation work. And yes, Point X is a variable date, dependent on when Person A finishes his work.

When I set the constraint "has to start on ..." for Point X, everything works fine.


So, who knows what I am doing wrong? Maybe someone of you might assist me in a short video call as I am not sure If I was able to cleary describe what I am doing ;)


Thanks for your support, Greetings from switzerland, Oliver


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