Predecessors not updating timeline

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In Project for the web I have a project plan with predecessors already applied (FS). However, I have had to add a new line in the plan and change the predecessor, however when i update the the depends on field, nothing changes in the plan from a timeframe perspective for that line and the project tasks that follow. The only thign that changes it is deleting the timeframe applied already but not the predecessor. 

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@paulking22224 Can you verify that you do not have any task constraints set on the predecessors?  You can quickly determine this by hovering over the Start or Finish date and look for an asterisk in the lower right hand corner of calendar icon.  To remove a constraint, click the calendar icon then click Remove constraint.  If this doesn't help, can you share a screenshot of the issue showing the Depends on/after start/finish, % complete and duration fields?