PPM news flash from Ignite

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A short summary of news from the PPM roadmap talk at Ignite today:

  • PowerBI pack now available as PBIX file for PowerBI Desktop: https://aka.ms/projbi
  • New stuff due to continuous feedback loop (aka UserVoice) to come up
    • External Users Support
      • Possibility to assign licenses to external users
    • Project Desktop
      • Timelines: Add labels and more task information
      • Accessibility: Screen reader support, High contrast support,...
      • Extensibility enhancements: App-writeback v2, i.e. create tasks and do other more complex things
  • Team tasks and multi assignment: Work in progress
  • Developer section https://dev.office.com/project
    • Code samples for UI, add-ins,…
  • Work on major investments ongoing but no details yet
    • Intuitive user experience (New UI)
    • Portfolio & Programs

In addition some cool IoT demos were presented by Raman Sharma

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Hi Trutz,


Great summary of the presentation.  Moving from information gathering to providing insights is incredibly exciting.






Raman Sharma said that there will be a demo for external sharing in the Friday session on Managing Projects and Portfolios in the cloud: https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/1291
A list to the videos of this and all other PPM sessions can be found here: https://blogs.office.com/2016/10/05/project-updates-at-ignite-2016/