PPM Best Practice for Putting Project "On Hold"? Looking for Suggestions.

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In Microsoft PPM/Project Online, I'm interested to know how others are handling for putting a project "On Hold". Do you have different workflow phases/stages? Do you have status indicator colors that indicate a project is on-hold? Do you have an enterprise project custom field that indicates this? I'd love to hear what others are doing and if you've run across any other good resources, posts, etc. that discuss this topic.

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Just the normal "status" field we have for other reasons like "ready, planning, in progress, testing, etc". Another one says "hold". Along with that we either delete or push out the planned work so as not to affect resource capacity.


We also keep on hold projects visible. Having it present means someone has to do something... get it started again, formally cancel it, what have you. Cancelling or completing is what makes the projects come off of most of our views.