Power Automate - Published Trigger - Find Who Published?

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I'm trying to find the user name who published the project in Power Automate Published trigger. Is there a way to find it?

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Hey @ramkanumuri ,

That data in not included in the trigger output.


thank you @PaulMather, for your response.. Is there any other way like through user context, .. ?

@Paul Mather Even I was looking for 'checked out by' field in the oData/REST for the specific project but looks like this info isn't exposed. Any API that provides CheckedOutBy/Published By?

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Hello @ramkanumuri ,

When using the Project Online Remote event receivers, that does contain the user details for who triggered that event but this hasn't been exposed in the Power Automate action. 

Regarding checked out by, this is available in the REST API but only whilst the Project is actually checked out - there is no history etc. The API method is below:


Hope that helps