Power Automate - Create a task in project - unfinished business

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I'd like to create a power automate flow that will (after a series of approvals) create a project task.


However this is completely lacking the following abilities:


1. assigning a task solver or solvers

2. assigning a goal

3. assigning a bucket

4. creating a checklist item

5. adding a label

6. adding a dependency to the task (FS)

7. adding priority to the task


all of it is possible to do through GUI, I'd be most delighted if this was implemented in the connector itself. In the meantime I'd like a bit of assistance in how to execute the missing functionalities through a HTTP request. It would be also good to know how to update a task or how to get all task information through HTTP request. Microsoft project is a great tool but this lack of automation abilities is really souring the experience.




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Hello @Solek_Group,

This connector in for Project Online, not Project for the web, looking at the requirements you have, you are using Project for the web. For project for the web, the project schedule API will be needed, details here for using that in Power Automate: 

I hope that helps


A little, but I'd still like to know how to access a dataverse table(s) associated with the project, as that has not been made clear in the link you posted.