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If users have clocked time (entered timesheets) for a particular project, but PMO then delete the project and the related sharepoint site, will the timesheets be deleted as well or will they remain in the database?


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Hi @James_Price

When the admin or PMO deletes a project, he has the option to delete also associated timesheets, but this option is not checked by default.

So if the PMO hasn't checked this option while deleting the project, the timesheets should still be in the database (which makes sense).

Thanks for this Guillaume. But in Pwa Settings and Delete Enterprise projects, where is the option to delete associated timesheets, as I can't find it.


Here is a capture from a blog, where you can decide to delete timesheets, for PWA/server settings/delete enterprise objects


Hi Guillaume
But this doesn't state deleting 'associated timesheets' or am I missing something?
Sorry for being a bit slow on this
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No you are right James. I though you can delete associated timesheets when deleting a project but they are not correlated. Meaning that you dont delete timesheets by default when you delete à project.
Phew... thanks Guillaume. I thought I was losing the plot :)
Hi Guillaume - I've thought about this some more. A timesheet will be linked to other projects not just the one deleted. So the reality is that we can't delete the timesheet, can we?
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@James_Price, indeed the best practice would be not to delete timesheets. Timesheets represent on what did people actually work, so there might be no reason for deleting timesheet. You might need to correct it (recall, modify activities and re submit it), but not delete it. Even for archived projects, you might want to keep track of timesheet for a certain time since you might have other processes using those timesheets : HR, billing...