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I have about 200 resources that all have different working times.  I think I read the max number of different calendars in the POL Enterprise calendar is only 20.  Any thoughts how I can get around this problem?

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James435 --

If you are saying that among the 200 resources, there are 200 different working schedules, then you will need to edit the resource calendar for each of those resources individually. Hope this helps.
Thanks for that Dale James
Hi Dale
When you update the resource calendar with the resource's working time (this is done in MS Project) can that be done once and used across all projects that the resource is working on, or recreated in each new project?
James --

Your Project Online application administrator would need to update each resource's calendar in the Enterprise Resource Pool. He/she will need to check out each of the resources from the pool for editing, and then adjust each resource's calendar accordingly. When finished, he/she will need to save the checked out Enterprise Resource Pool. That series of actions will only need to be done once and will impact the schedule of every current and future project in which the resources are assigned as team members. You as a project manager cannot edit the calendars of enterprise resources; it must be done by your app admin. Hope this helps.