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I know a few of you have already noticed this was turned on - and I just posted a short blog on the initial features.  Links at the end of the blog for feedback as we'd love to know how you'd like to use this going forward and what features you are hoping for.


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Where's the documentation for this feature? I couldn't find any at

How long after a Group/Planner site is created does it take for you to be able to link a task to it? I've waiting an hour and still can't link it. Will let it sit a little longer and try again later.
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I'll check with the UA team if anything is coming for that feature Paul - but the blog post just about covers it.  I've not seen any delays when I've been testing but not sure at what point it goes off looking for Plans.  Let me know if it doesn't appear - and I assume it is under the same credentials?  I know from personal experience that when you have different accounts that can get to different O365 sites that it may not be looking where you think it is.

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You were right on the money with this. Even though the account in the top right is my client's credentials, Link to a plan is still looking in my primary account for O365 Groups. The only work around seems to be to sign out of my main account entirely, not ideal. Looks like a bug.
Please refresh the blog post link - it is not working for me. I had to go to your blog site and find the article here -

Not sure what happened there Hermine - thanks for letting me know and should be good now.