Plan 5 installed but can't see any additional features (portfolio management etc)

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Hi All,

I have a licence for a month of Microsoft Project Plan 5 to try it out but on both the desktop and online version I can't see any additional features compared with the Plan 3 version?


Can anyone advise how to verify I am looking at Plan 5? From online videos it shows a difference view with timesheets etc down the left side. Any advice would be great as IT are just saying  the licence is applied but can't see how its different?



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Anna --

With a Project Plan 5 license, you are fully licensed to perform all of the actions of a Project Online administrator. These actions include creating custom fields and lookup tables, creating and editing enterprise calendars, creating and editing users, etc. To perform these actions, however, you will need to be added to the Administrators group in PWA.

You are also fully licensed to use the portfolio analysis tools in Project Web App. These tools appear in the Strategy section of the Quick Launch menu in PWA. If you do not see the Strategy section, you or your Project Online administrator will need to display them using the features on the Quick Launch page (accessed from the PWA Settings page). Hope this helps.