PftW timephased data and where to find in dataverse

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HI all


I am looking for the PftW timephased data of tasks/ assignments in dataverse. So the exact work value for a resource on a particular day. You can access it via the  new "Assignment View" in the usual interface: 


But the question is, where to find this data in dataverse to use it e.g. in a PowerBI  report?!

@Paul Mather once did a nice blog post about how to extract this from a JSON piece in the Resource Assignment entity from column "msdyn_plannedwork". --> Link to Post 

But this only works for future work which has not already been completed. Because in the moment some work is completed (as the task is progressing) this part of the timephased data is erased from this JSON piece. So there must be some other place to get this info from as PftW also is able to display this in the new Assignment View. 

Thanks for you help. 



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