Persistent Cell Formatting Across Views

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I am using Project Professional 2019 and leverage multiple custom views/filters/tables. One issue that I have not been able to resolve is that the cell formatting does not persist from one view to another. For example, in the myDailyStandUp view, I have changed the font color and size for Line #1...




However, when I switch to a different view (e.g. myR/IDLog), the formatting is lost. 


















Is there anything I can do to maintain the formatting across views?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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astefanacci --

Cell background formatting, like font formatting, is an attribute of the view in which you apply it. So, for example, if you apply cell background formatting to three tasks in the Gantt Chart view, you will NOT see the formatting in the Task Usage view. If you are using custom views, you can apply the cell background formatting in that custom view so that you will see the formatting each time you apply that view. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the clarification and quick response. Very much appreciated!