Percent Complete in Bar Chart

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Some of the bars will show the dark line through the middle for %complete and some will not. I went through the same steps on the purple bars as I did the blue bars and I can't get the %complete to show up.  What am I doing wrong?



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No way to tell from the limited information you provided. A screen shot of the Bar Styles window showing the settings for your purple bars will help.





May be in the Bar Styles dialog, the purple bars are drawn under the thin bleu bar which represents the progress.

I don't quite understand what you are saying. Are you telling me you may think the purple bar is so dark that it hides the lighter progress bar so you can't see it? If not, what are you saying?

I asked to see a screen shot of your Bar Styles window as that could tell me a lot.


If the purple bar is placed under the progress bar in the Bar Styles dialog, it will mask the Progress bar.







If the purple bar is placed above the Progess bar in the Bar styles dialog you will see both the purple bar and the progress bar:







Hope this help (sorry for my poor English)

In Project bar styles lower in the list take precedence over bar styles higher in the list and that's exactly what you are seeing. That is also why in the default set of bar styles, the progress lines are the last two items in the list.