P4W Finish to Start Dependency - Not scheduling correctly

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I have a project which has a Finish to Start dependency between 2 tasks (standard). The 2nd task should start on the next day after the first tasks, but the 2nd task is started on last day of the 1st tasks. 


E..g. First task finishes on the 30th, and 2nd task starts on the 30th instead of on the next day. 


I am using a custom calendar for this project and have assigned this calendar to all resources in the Project Powerapp. 


Please will you able to assist. 



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Unfortunately I don't have Project for the Web so I can't give specific instructions but if you set your date format to include the time, that coupled with the working time on your custom calendar will show that the first task does not finish exactly on the finish time of a working day. For example, let's say you have a standard calendar with a normal 8 to 5 workday. The first task's duration is such that it finishes at 4:30 pm instead of 5:00 pm. With the second task set up as a finish-to-start dependency, the second task will start at 4:30 pm that day, not the next day.


Hope this helps.


wwelbyso --

What is missing in Project for the Web, I am sorry to say, is an option that would allow you to display both the date AND time in the Start and Finish columns. This feature is available in the Microsoft Project desktop application, but NOT in Project for the Web. If you could see dates and times in the Start and Finish columns, you would be able to understand why the software is scheduling the tasks the way they are.

Also, your custom calendar might be part of what is causing the scheduling mystery. However, without knowing the schedule of that custom calendar, there is little more that we can do to help you. Sorry, but hope this helps.
you need to add two dependencies , but you have to use Microsoft project professional desktop professional
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@Dale Howard, thanks for the reply. I have solved my problem.
The issue  I experienced is with the custom calendar. I defined the working time as 8am to 5pm (9 hours) instead of 8am to 4pm (8 hours). In my grid I was using days for duration of tasks, which is 8 hours not 9. The software was scheduling 8 hour tasks over 9 hour work days. As you mention, the software does not show date and time, which would have highlighted to me that the 2nd task was actually being scheduled from 4pm instead of from 8am the next morning. The Powerapp accelerator shows end date and time for a project which highlighted that the project ended at an odd time. When I changed the working time to 8am to 4pm, everything scheduled correctly. 



You can see in my task number 8 and 9 with FS, but P4W base on 5/12/2023 - It is not correct for Finish to Start Dependency




Thanks for letting us know that you solved your own problem! :)


What if I DO want 9H work days? or 10H?

Where the limitation of 8H is set? Is it somthing that cannot be changed?