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I am just doing something very simple but I am just not getting it right. I want to simulate a resource overallocation scenario and would like the red man icon to appear on the indicator column. Then I would like to use resource levelling to resolve it. Very straight forward.


So I created  3 Tasks as follows

1 Development duration 12 days

2 Coding A duration 7 days and assigned to James predecessor=1

3 Coding B duration 5 days and assigned to James as well (to get the conflict)  predecessor=1


Created entry for James with standard calendar and gave some hourly figure. All tasks are manually scheduled with fixed units and not effort driven.


Now when I assign James to Coding A it shows exactly it should be starting immediately after development and took 7 days.

When I assign James again to Coding B - MS Project pushes Coding B to start 7 days after Coding A BUT has the predecessor link from end of Development!

I wanted Coding B to start at the same time as Coding A which will show that James is working on two tasks 100% on some days.


I tried even switching to auto scheduling the task the effect is the same. 

I am puzzled as to why it is forcing to start at end of Coding A task. Is there something I missed or have not set etc? Please let me know.


I am using Project Professional.


I have attached an image of the MS Project view of the Gantt Chart.



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Kish --

Click the Resource tab to display the Resource ribbon. In the Level section of the Resource ribbon, click the Leveling Options button. In the Resource Leveling dialog, select the Manual option at the top of the dialog, and then click the OK button. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale

Thank you so much it cleared my issue. I spent several hours just looking what was wrong and I can only conclude some setting needs to be disable but just did not where to find. Thanks a lot
Awesome!.. This issue is now closed.
Kish --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend. If my post solved your problem, would you please mark my post as the "Best Response" to your question? Thanks!