Opening Project from My Assignments in the PWA

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Our team uses the My Assignments view in the PWA to understand what work they have to do. Often they need more context and want to open or view the project associated with the task assigned to them. Currently they are searching for the project or navigating to a project view to find the project assignment. Is there some way they could go from the My Assignments view in the PWA directly to the project? Or is there some way to add that information or that link to the Assignment Detail Page? I'm open to other ideas that would accomplish this same workflow - this is pretty high-friction for our team.

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sha25566 --

As you know, there is no way to open the entire project from either the Tasks page or My Assignments page in PWA. Your team members will need to navigate to the Project Center page and click the name of the project to view it. Sorry, but hope this helps.