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I have users assigned with 0365E5 license that provide them view access to project and roadmaps via Project for the Web. I have shared the .mpp file via Sharepoint but when user try to open it from the sharepoint link, nothing happened. 

Is there a limitation on the view access function extended from O365 ? ( i.e. only projects created from Project Online can be view from here and not those created via Project 2016 desktop version) . 



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Hello @Melanie_Tham ,

The user view access for Project for the web is not for Project MPP files or Project Online, this feature is for Project for the web projects, like below:



Hope that helps


Hi @Paul Mather 

Thanks for the prompt reply. The Project Manager has created a .mpp file via Project Desktop client ( he was assigned with a Project Plan 3 license ) . If my understanding is correct, the Project Manager will need to publish it to Project for The Web so it's viewable by the O365 user ?

There used to be( or still is ) free Visio Viewer from Microsoft. Is there anything similar for project ? 



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Hello @Melanie_Tham,

You could import the Project to Project for the web but this is a one time project creation process - the project is then managed in Project for the web and not Microsoft Project Desktop - see details here: 

There isn't a free viewer for Microsoft Project Desktop from Microsoft unfortunately. 


Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

No problem, @Melanie_Tham 

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