New Project Server Subscription Edition installation

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Last few days I was setting up an on premises dev environment to move to the latest PWA version.
Currently on an inherited PWA 2019 3 server farm (2 MinRole, 1 DB).

While talking to reseller I found out that the 2 MinRole Servers both need SharePoint Server Subscription Edition And Project Server Subscription Edition license at about $32000(for 3 years SA) X 2 so I am going to build a new Dev environment in Single server mode and see if it functions well enough to go to production. Unlike the days of PWA 2013, there is much less information for on premises installation. That leads me to have to document what I'm doing in these setups. The gotchas, the tricks, the refresh from production to dev. The development and coding. Does anyone in the community know where I could blog this adjacent to this community?

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