New install of project 2019 server. All jobs waiting to be processed. Schedule also not opening

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First I migrated from 2016 all the migration completed successfully but any of the PS tasks not working. like Schedule, Check-In, Force Check-In etc. ribbon also disable.

After that I create new web application and create new PWA to check may be migration cause issue but still the issue is same.

please find the SS below.



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Hello @Danish531 ,

Can you Stop then Start the Project Application Service from Central Admin then try again.


@Paul Mather thanks for the reply. I did restart the service directly from the CA also from the PowerShell. but still issue persist. :(

Danish531 --

No one from Microsoft monitors this forum, and especially not Microsoft Support. This forum is staffed by volunteers. To date, one of us have been able to help you. Therefore, since this is a roadblock issue for you, I hate to tell you this, but I think you need to open a ticket with Microsoft Support and to let their specialists assist you. Sorry, but hope this helps.