Need some advice for a PMO tool design

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Hi, we are exploring the potential alternatives to our current PMO portal and considering getting more licenses and use project online instead.

Our current solution is in the SharePoint online platform with 10+ project sites sits under a master site.

We use the master site to provide a dashboard mainly for transparency requirements. We have created tables and views with custom code to use data from all the connected project sites and display this information in the master site.


Now the problems we have as follows;

The number of projects is growing and maintainability of the site is becoming a big challenge since we didn't initially anticipate more than few projects to be managed by this site. Custom views are not satisfying the needs for displaying important information in the master site view and it's getting bigger and bigger.


We have a deep hierarchy from projects to tasks and a certain level of automation is required to be able to reflect changes automatically both between sites and on the master site dashboard.

Just to explain this requirement a bit clearer, our hierarchy looks something like this;


PMO>>Project Portfolios>>Projects>>Work Streams>>Key Deliverables>>Work Packages>>Tasks


This is not 100% accurate since we might not have some of these layers missing in some cases for example:

key deliverables might be related to a project rather than a workstream

or they might belong to multiple projects

or different work streams from the same project

or multiple work streams from separate projects...


Cut the long story short if a change is made to an item anywhere in this hierarchy we need the automate the task of reflecting this change to the entire landscape of the PMO.


To be more specific about the questions; can we do this in project online? Can we keep the project sites from SharePoint synced with project online? iHow challenging and disruptive this transition would be? 


Sorry about detailed explanation, hope someone can give us some guidance or advice on this.


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