Need Project KPI, Cost KPI, Schedule KPI, Work KPI graphical indicators in project online view

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Hello all, 

I Need formulas for KPI's in project online.

ex : if schedule kpi is red.......Project kpi has to become red

       if schedule, work, cost is green ............project kpi has also become green


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What exactly do you mean when you say "schedule kpi"? What exactly do you mean when you say "project kpi"?

There is just not enough information in your request to provide a meaningful answer.


Project kPI  values : Ontrack, Troubled, delayed

Schedule kpi : No baseline, 10 % over baseline schedule.....etc

Cost kpi : No cost....etc

All these custom fields are depends on baseline values & formula based. I  need graphical indicators formula for it.

Sorry but that still does tell us what you mean when you say "project" and "schedule". Perhaps an example with a screen shot would better explain.

Exactly which custom fields are you using (e.g. Text1, Number1, etc.)?
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I think Kumar, you need to define the contextual meaning of key performance indicators and differentiate them between KPI of PROJECT, SCHEDULE AND WORK. As a matter of fact the difference between the KPI of PROJECT, KPI OF SCHEDULE AND KPI OF WORK is very, very subtle, these are difficult to differentiate. For instance in my on-going PhD thesis, I am using the ACTIVITY START VARIANCE as a KPI for different baseline schedules developed by application of different constraint types of ALAP or ASAP. When there is large activity start variance, the project eventual cost is likely increased. Also a ripple effect is likely set up to affect succeeding activities, though the work quantity might not be affected as such. I am working to post the progress report of this research which is part of an on-going PhD thesis on this platform, hopefully within the a month or two. Some sections of the research addressed some aspects of key performance indicators.
If you will use numbers 1 for OnTrack; -1 for AtRisk; 0 for InTrouble as KPI Values for schedule, cost, etc, then just multiplying this values will give you overall Project KPI as lower value of the sub-KPIs.
I apologize for the late reply. Thanks for your inputs. I will work on this based on the inputs suggested.
Thank you Andrey for the suggestions. It was useful information to work on it.