Need A Better Understanding of Setting Baselines For Selected Tasks Rollup Options

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I'm trying to understand better how the baseline selected tasks with the options of either or both of Roll up baselines to all summary tasks and from subtasks into selected summary tasks.  What sort of situations would I want to use either or both checkbox options in baselining selected tasks and how they affect the overall project baseline.   MS Project Help doesn't clarify these options very well.




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JBLT83 --

I will give you one example, and invite the others in this forum to share their own examples as well. Suppose that you add four new tasks to the Post Implementation Support summary section of the project. The four new tasks have added 10 days to the Duration of the summary task and 80 hours of Work to the summary task as well. Before baselining these new tasks, the Duration Variance will be 10 days and the Work Variance will be 80 hours for the summary task. If you select only the four new tasks and display the Set Baseline dialog, and then choose the Selected Tasks option, following would be the behavior of the To All Summary Tasks option:

- If you select this option, the Duration Variance and Work Values for the summary task will be recalculated to 0d and 0h respectively.

- If you leave this option deselected, the Duration Variance will remain at 10d and the Work Variance will remain at 80h for the summary task.

In essence, selecting the option makes the variance disappear on the summary task for the new tasks, while deselecting this option will make the variance show up on the summary task for the new tasks.

Not sure if that makes sense to you. If not, create a sample project and experiment with this option. Hope this helps.