MSFT Office 365 BP Guidelines Off-Boarding Employee with Project Online assinged.

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Does MSFT have a Best Practice guideline to Off-board employees in Office 365 that are also Project Online users? 

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Bryan --

By "off boarding", I assume you mean the person is no longer employed by the company. The follow up steps would be:

1. Set the user to Inactive in Project Web App.
2. Set the user to Inactive in Active Directory.

After those two steps are performed, project managers who have projects using the former employee will need to open each of those enterprise projects. In each project, the PMs will need to transfer the Remaining Work for each in-progress and unstarted task assigned to the former employee to another resource in the project. If this is not done, the PMs will see a warning message every time they open these projects. The PMs will then need to save and publish each of these projects.

Hope this helps.