MS Timeline view - Blocks in timeline view dont show progress

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Using MS Project (Prof 2016)

I have several tasks with mixture of of some showing progress (% work complete).

The issue is that in the timeline view most of the tasks showing progress can be seen as having progress by being a different colour.  

I have several tasks and added progress, but though i can see task in timeline view, it doesnt show the progress in a different share.  I have tried deleting task and re-entering and same thing happens.  

Need some help so that i can see progress in timeline view.

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parlissingh --

A screenshot of your situation might help. Progress for tasks in the Timeline view is represented by a darker shade of the color applied to the task bar. Let us know and we will try to help you.

@Dale Howard 


Thanks for replying.

here is screen shot.  You can see Aspire lines 215, 216 dont show progress on timeline view

have adjusted percentages and retried deleting line and putting back in.


in the other workstreams it works fine.




If I may make a couple observations. First, which Aspire lines are 215 and 216? I only see the "Build Aspire Labcorp Components" summary line shown in the Timeline view and it has zero percent work complete so I wouldn't expect it to show progress.

Second, I see summary lines that have successors. It is bad practice to have links or resources assigned to summary lines. Summary lines are NOT tasks, they are simply a summary of data from performance tasks, (tasks that describe something to be done and have resources assigned to perform the effort to accomplish the task).



Hi, should have done with better screen shot, hadnt realised these were not captured in screen shot.

How about this:



The summary task doesn't also change the percentage done, when i increase the work complete in the sub tasks.  So must be something to do with the summary line.   Have tried deleting the successors tasks and still no difference


Thanks P.



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None of the tasks under the summary line "Aspire Beta Version Workstream" have resources assigned so is there is work associated with those tasks or the summary line. A user can input any value they want in the % Work Complete field but if there is no work, there effectively is no progress. That's why you are not seeing any changes to the Timeline view.

Hope this helps.
That simple! Thank you for your help.
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.