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we have tried to introduce Project to our company, but we can find the Project situation re Project tools available quite messy, to say the least:

- Recently, Project for the web was introduced - what is going to be the role of the Project online in the future? Will it disappear?

- Project for the web - I like the idea to start over. The UI definitely looks nicer, but the functionality starts lacking - why there is a link between the effort needed and the start/end task date? An example - I need to arrange some presentations - I need 14 days to arrange all the stuff, presenters, etc., for the event to happen, but I will spend cca 2-3 hours working on that. Those two things are completly unrelated and hence the Project for the web is definitely less useful for that.

- The Project cards look like a Planner tasks. The situation with tasks in MS world, is really tragic - you've got native Outlook tasks, Sharepoint tasks, Project tasks, Planner tasks, To-Do tasks, flagged emails kind-of tasks, yet no unified interface/app exists, which will provide us with the unified experience. Forget Outlook and Sharepoint, but why the Project assigned tasks does NOT appear in Planner or at least the To-Do?

- Roadmaps - it can't see the new Projects for the web? You still can't have a volatile tasks, not being linked to any Project?

To be honest, the situation with the functionality of various MS Project variations, licensing schemes and interoperability is so strange, that you can't easily introduce it in terms of O365 for the effective ways of colaboration, sorry ...


Really disappointed ....


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