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Hi Team 

I'm using MS Project (O365).  I have a lot of tasks and for most of the time if a task covers the weekend no work is done (as it should do by default).  My problem, is that a few (but enough) tasks will include the weekend on Sat, Sun or both.  Naturally the default is to move these to the following Monday or Tuesday.  Is there anything I can do to stop this happening to these specific tasks without screwing up the default.

Hope this makes sense.

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James --

What you will need to do is to create two new calendars. One of them will be for Monday through Saturday tasks, and the other will be for Monday through Sunday tasks. Then you will need to need to assign the appropriate calendar as a Task calendar on ONLY to tasks that are not the normal Monday through Friday work schedule. If you need help with how perform either of these actions, please let me know. Hope this helps.
Of course...D'oh. Thanks for that Dale
James --

You are way too funny. And you are more than welcome for the help, my friend! :)